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120080. American Surplus stocks thousands of feet of used lineshaft conveyor at all times, from industry leading brands such as Ermanco, Hytrol, Rapistan, Buschman, Mathews, and more. We have sizes including 18" wide, 24" wide, 30" wide and 48" wide. Live Roller or accumulating styles, both available as fixed or variable speed drives.


LINE SHAFT INDIVIDUAL BELT DRIVEN ROLLER CONVEYOR Bulletin 0113_LSRGH 735 Industrial Loop Road • New London, WI 54961-9612 920-982-6600 • Fax 920-982-7750 • Toll Free 800-558-3616 Website: • Email: sales@titanconveyors TRAVEL A A TOP OF ROLLER B.F. (BETWEEN FRAME) B.F. + 2 3/4" STANDARD SUPPORTS 7 GA. KNEE BRACES

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Conveyors. Belt Conveyors; Live Roller Conveyors; Expandable Extendable Conveyors; Stainless Steel Conveyors; Ball Transfers; Sortation Conveyors; Used Conveyors; Specialty Conveyors; Overhead Trolley Conveyors; Plastic Chain Conveyors; Gravity Roller & Skatewheel Conveyors; Chain and Slat Conveyors; Portable Conveyors; Spare Parts. Hytrol ...

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LineShaFt DRiVen RoLLeR conVeYoR LineShaFt conVeYoR - StRaight Flow DRive Belt DRive sPool RolleR DRive sHaFt RetaininG cliP Why LS? n Maximum conveyor length per AC drive available n Economical conveyance of loads up to 75 lbs. or 15 lbs. per roller n Easily add slaved components; curves, spurs and transfers

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New & Used Lineshaft Conveyor Systems. Lineshaft Conveyors basic design utilizes live rollers that are driven by a urethane belt from a drive shaft under the roller bed that runs the length of the conveyor. This belt driven driveshaft is turned by a motor and transmits its rotation via small urethane belts to individual rollers, making it an excellent choice for both transporting and ...

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Line-shaft conveyors are also extraordinarily protected for people to work around as a result of the elastic belts can stretch and never injure fingers ought to any get caught underneath them. Conveyor Programs & Engineering, Inc. is dedicated to providing essentially the most safe and reliable rollers to go well with any system or process in a ...

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Also known as line-shaft conveyors, these are driven by a drive shaft and round belts. The drive shaft continues to run even when the accumulation of packages may cause some rollers to stop turning. Conveyors can be hardwired for material flow in either direction. Only straight conveyor sections contain a motor and can power up to 60 ft. of conveyor extensions on either side.

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Hytrol Model 190-NSP Line Shaft O-Ring Driven Live-Roller Conveyor. Hytrol 190-NSPC Line Shaft O-Ring Driven Live-Roller CurveDriven. Hytrol 190-NSPEZ Line Shaft O-Ring Driven Zero Pressure Zoned Accumulation Live-Roller Conveyor. Hytrol 190-NSPEZC (EZLogic®) O-Ring Driven Zero Pressure Zoned Accumulation 90 Degree Curve.

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Lineshaft Live Roller Conveyors: Lineshaft live roller conveyors combine low pressure accumulation with other conveyor application needs such as transportation and assembly. Curves, merges, spurs, and transfers can be a part of the system without additional drives.

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This type of roller conveyor is generally operated by an electric motor that turns a shaft under the rollers. The shaft is connected to the rollers by spools and o-rings. Lineshaft roller conveyors are used for light products.

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LEWCO Custom Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Sortation Conveyor. An office furniture manufacturer recently moved and sorted their products manually, and resulted in products being handled several times. The customer approached a LEWCO distributor for a solution to reduce labor and increase the accuracy of the products accumulating on the shipping ...

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Line shaft roller conveyorconveyor made in Taiwanroller conveyorlogisticmaterial handling systemmanufacturingequipmentqualityChain We Machinery Co., Ltd.Emai...

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LINESHAFT DRIVEN LIVE ROLLER CONVEYOR. Powered by a shaft beneath the rollers, these conveyors are intended for quietly moving lightweight packaged food or pharmaceutical products with relatively flat bottoms. Specific roller choices are available, allowing the conveyor to move the product in the most effective manner possible.

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Lineshaft Conveyors are available with a number of formed frame specifications, including galvanized. Between frame dimensions from 13″ – 28″ in full inch increments are available with 1.375 diameter galvanized rollers. Floor supports are adjustable from 36″ to 48″ from floor to top of rollers. The drive shaft is a 1″ steel shaft ...

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Also known as line-shaft conveyors, these are driven by a drive shaft and round belts. The drive shaft continues to run even when the accumulation of packages may cause some rollers to stop turning. Conveyors can be hardwired for material flow in either direction. Only straight conveyor sections contain a motor and can power up to 60 ft. of conveyor extensions on either side.

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These mostly include conveyor systems in large distribution centers. Poly O-rings are used as a driving factor on many different machines, including, but not limited to: line shaft conveyors, robotics, engravers, roller-to-roller conveyors and transfers, pop-up diverters, sorters, laundry machines, tire manufacturing, and machines.

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The Line Shaft Conveyor is a quiet and efficient live roller conveyor system. These systems are primarily suitable for lighter loads. Each roller is powered individually by spools, which in turn are connected fully by a composite "O" ring or band.

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Versa Lineshaft 90° Roller Conveyor. The lineshaft runs below the rollers along the length of the conveyor. The shaft is a series of spools, one for each roller. When the shaft is powered, the O-ring belt acts as a chain between the spool and the roller, making it rotate. The rotation of the rollers pushes the product along the conveyor.

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Roller conveyor types are chain driven, belt driven, line shaft driven, accumulation, or non-powered (gravity). Using roller conveyors instead of slider bed conveyors adds versatility to the type of transfers, diverters and stops that can be used in a system.

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Lineshaft Driven Roller Conveyors. The most versatile and economical powered conveyor available. Ideal for straight long runs or complex configurations. Fewer drives are required compared to conventional equipment. Another unique advantage of Lineshaft Conveyors is the number of ancillary modules which can be driven from one motor by means of ...

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An obstacle of the roller lineshaft conveyor is that it may solely be used to convey products that span at least three rollers, but rollers can be as small as 17mm in diameter and as close collectively as 18.5mm. For gadgets shorter than 74mm, the conveyor belt system is mostly used as an alternative choice.

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Line-Shaft Roller Conveyors are notorious for being easy to install and quiet with low costs and maintenance. Best suited for lighter loads, LEWCO's Line-Shaft Conveyors are fully powered by a composite "O" ring/band. The "O" band rotates the rollers …

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Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyors are a unique concept in powered conveyors. The basic design employs rollers which are independently driven by a urethane belt from a common drive shaft. The general operation of the conveyor is a driveshaft that runs the full length of the conveyor and transmits power to the rollers via a drive spool and ...

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All of GMH lineshaft roller conveyors include the following standard features; All conveyor side sections are 230mm deep for greater durability and are manufactured from 3.0mm mild steel and are finished to RAL colour of our customers choice. All lineshaft powered roller conveyors are fitted with 50mm rollers with precision bearings for longer ...

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738LSC Light Duty Line Shaft Driven Curve Module. 796LSZ Line Shaft Zero Pressure Accumulator with Sensor Rollers. 796LS Line Shaft Driven Live Roller. 796LSS Line Shaft Converging Spur Module. Smart Zone Line Shaft Zero Pressure Accumulator SZ Photo Eye Controlled Conveyor. 796LSG Line Shaft Gate Module. 796LSDS Line Shaft Diverging Switch Module.

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Rapistan Dematic Lineshaft Inter, 18-1/4" W, 10'-0 L, 3" center, 1.9" dia roller, 4.5" high frame: $30.00/ft: $37.00/ft: Rapistan Dematic Lineshaft Inter, 18-1/2" W, 10'-0 L, 3" center, 1.9" dia. roller, 7" high frame : $30.00/ft: $37.00/ft: Rapistan Dematic Lineshaft Inter, 18-1/2" W, 10'-0 L, 3" center, 1.9" dia. roller, 7.5" high frame: $30 ...

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Both efficient and cost effective, making lineshaft the preferred option. Powered by motors capable of driving multiple modules. The drive is transferred fr...

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Lineshaft conveyors are powered conveyors that use independently driven rollers. The rollers are powered by a urethane belt that originates from a drive shaft. The drive shaft encompasses the conveyor's length and uses a belt and drive spool to power the rollers. The spools that transmit power to the rollers will allow the products to ...

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LS-1418HS Line Shaft Conveyor. A light duty conveyor ideal for applications that require a powered means for conveying products. Typically used in box handling applications. The friction drive design allows for product accumulation. Additionally, various accessories are available to control product flow.

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Line Shaft (Spool Type) Driven Live Roller Conveyors Economically accumulates items with minimal back pressure These conveyors are suitable for light applications up to 75 pounds and are ideal for carton, tote, or package handling as it can be supplied with close roller centers.

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